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Behind the pretty pictures there is an idea of self and substance distilled in narrative.
BIBLIO x QID are shapers of text. We interpret concepts, thoughts and musings as evocative prose and structured word. PUBLISHER AND boutique editorial service provider, WE DESIGN and PRODUCE content for English-reading audiences.
BIBLIO tailors narrative FOR A PLETHORA OF formatS: websites, flyerS, brochures, even books. COMBINED WITH professional-grade designs, WE DELIVER stunning limited editions of typography and layout.
Make more than documentation.
Choose flair and verve with BIBLIO x QID.

Kompleks Balai Islam An-Nur: Journey to a Vision

Book trailer for architectural monograph produced by QID and Time Lapse Productions, published by Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Kenzan Heights

Designed by award-winning firm Choo Gim Wah Architect, the Kenzan Heights book is a private commission that tells of the house’s beginnings in London and its journey from paper to finished product, featuring the unique voices of key individuals on the project.

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